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June 25, 2018
Eat / restaurants / The Coq & Co, Stonington

The Coq & Co.: Garden Dining, Cookery Shop & More

By Dan Pearson

Not a lot of places encourage you to inspect their greens. But it makes sense at The Coq & Co., when you exit the store proper and enter the garden where three long picnic tables lead you to lush raised beds of arugula, mustard green, and other herbs and lettuce, all grown on site for inclusion in the eatery’s offerings. As for The Coq & Co. overall, it’s a bit hard to describe, as Alie Nicholas and her team have orchestrated a magic and multi-dimensional space that encourages one to browse and linger. The shop is narrow but expansive. It’s minimalist, nearly Nordic in design, but warm, in part due to the omnipresence of natural wood and light. It’s a takeout place, with set menu offerings for picnics and boaters, but diners can also eat in on the communal tables in the garden or put together a planche from the store’s cheese and charcuterie. It’s a coffee shop, with homemade pastries. It’s an ice cream place, making its own. Downstairs is a food store. And, upstairs, it’s a cookery shop, with a full selection of practical and artisanal tools, implements, and cookbooks. Taken together, The Coq & Co. is committed to local sourcing and small producers, offers the types of hostess gifts that will be treasured and talked about, and does the simple things, such as quiche, with decided care and flair. 

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The Coq & Co.


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