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October 23, 2013
Be Well / fitness / Spin & Bootcamp

Lisa’s Uncensored Spin & Bootcamp

By Amy Lee, Guest Writer

Working out with Lisa is an experience unlike any other. As the name of her eponymous gym indicates there are really no rules or regs at any of the spin or bootcamp classes she passionately and energetically leads. Truth be told, she’s shattered most of them with the kind of rogue workouts that push you to your limits physically and mentally. The best way to describe time spent in her industrial garage turned studio is controlled chaos. Not only are no two workouts EVER the same there are always multiple activities going on at once–many involving tires. But there definitely is a method to the madness as the chaos–or unpredictability we’ll call it — confuses your muscles and distracts your mind.

The result: at the end of the hour your body is spent but you feel like the class just began. Lisa, who’s been spreading her personal fitness gospel around the shoreline for more than 20 years uses a circuit training model for both bootcamp and spinning classes. While that may be typical for the former, not so for the latter as it’s the only spin class I’ve ever been to where “out of the saddle” doesn’t mean hovering above your seat, but rather: running laps, busting out burpees and lifting tires. While this may sound intimidating, don’t be intimidated as I’ve seen people of all ages, shapes and fitness abilities succeed with her singular style. You will too.

Classes: Bootcamp and Spinning

Schedule: 6 per day during the week: early AM, mid morning and after work; 2 on Saturdays and Sundays

Atmosphere: Industrial. Bathroom and shower, but bring your own towel and blow dryer.

Price: Variety of options ranging from $220/month for unlimited classes to spin and bootcamp cards which can run as low as $10 a class.

Extras: Occasional parties, great community

(Full disclosure: Amy’s been working out with Lisa for years and their daughters are bffs)

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