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September 16, 2009
Eat / foodie / Madison Cheese

Madison Cheese

In my version of the good life, no town would be without their very own cheese shop, and now Madison has one. Choose from fifty varieties: some I’ve never heard of (Welsh Tintern with chives and shallots: delish), crowd pleasers like Humboldt Fog and selections from local Cato Corner. Not sure where else you can get a half loaf of Fabled Foods bread, but they’ll sell it to you here. Cheese platters and baskets delivered locally. Genius, too, is their limited carry out from Pot Au Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant in New Haven: Beef Pho is enough for two, or try the fresh Pork and Shrimp or Veggie Tofu Rolls. 203.245.5168    email:

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