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October 22, 2018
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Pizza & Margaritas at Coal & Daisies

coal daisies

As soon as Laura and I heard about this new pizza and margarita spot we were intrigued. Mainly because we love both pizza and margaritas (but also the kooky name)! So we zipped over to Branford. Don’t get fetutzed by the rather circuitous route through an industrial park, the pizzeria is just a minute or two off the highway. We were greeted by our sweet server, Laureen, and after perusing the vast margarita menu (and even longer tequila card), promptly ordered a pomegranate margarita to share.  Slightly sweet, a bit sour and not too strong, it’s a tequila-based riff on a Cosmo.

Pizza purists that we are, we split a Margarita pie (of course), and admired the thin crust and slight char before we dove in. Yup, it was one fine pie. We didn’t stop there, though, but dug into a pile of broccoli rabe studded with garlic, local sausage, and cherry peppers (delish!), and a couple of mammoth meatballs served on Foccacia with a scoop of fresh ricotta. Thankfully the meat was fluffy, tasty and light, and we couldn’t resist smearing the ricotta over the salt and rosemary flecked bread. (The appetizer could have been a meal for two, so be forewarned). Well sated and with plenty of leftovers, we had to know about the name. The simple and obvious explanation? Coal for the coal-fired pizza and margarita is daisy in Spanish. Duh.

Good to know: Full bar with TV’s for those that prefer their pizza with sports, but a spacious dining area for those that don’t. Casual.


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