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May 12, 2020
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Pretzels, Pasta, & a Pantry Recipe (plus Healthy Hand Sanitizer) , 5/12/20


Freedom. I’m sure that’s not the first thing that comes to mind when pondering this pandemic because we ARE in lockdown. But, weirdly, when I’m not going down the “I don’t want to die alone” rabbit hole, or fearing for my elderly relations, I’m finding a certain sense of calm. I’m now used to staying home: All. The. Time. (And sporting only sweats). There’s nothing on my calendar besides my weekly Instacart grocery order. And I’m not overwhelmed by fifty kinds of yogurt. I order the same thing every week and take whatever I get. Happily. I wouldn’t know what day it is except for The E List deadline. I don’t have any obligations. I don’t do anything I don’t want to, but oddly I’m more social than ever before. I actually TALK to people on the PHONE. For hours. And it’s as good as a face-to-face (especially with the condition of my hair!). Prepandemic, I always had a full page of todos that seemed to matter ever so much. I took great pleasure in crossing them off one by one. I’ve still got some. But it’s just a few. And sometimes I put them off till tomorrow because what difference does it make. There is freedom in this. It’s horrible to think that it took COVID to change my harried ways. But it has. Hope you’re staying safe and healthy, Erica p.s. please support our advertisers who keep The E List alive and free for you!

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