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October 14, 2014

Robyn’s Gluten-Free Country Store, Branford

The gluten-free, dairy free, vegans, paleos and nut-allergic among us will jump for joy over Robyn’s Gluten-Free Country Store. And country store it is, tricked out in ye-olde-fashioned-shoppe with the help of barn board paneling and ingenious wood shopping baskets that snuggle right into your cart. You’ll find all your favorite products plus plenty you’ve never heard of here. The fresh bakery section is stocked with white and wheat gluten free loaves, paleo tea breads, cupcakes, muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and whoopie pies. I brought home a loaf of white sandwich bread and, have to say, it passes! A slather of Earth Balance and you’ve got breakfast, sans gluten and dairy. The freezer case is loaded up with grass-fed Kobe style beef, plenty of dairy-free cheese shreds (mozzarella, pepper jack and cheddar), paleo butter (French style ghee), gluten free donuts (!?!), even a frozen pumpkin pie. Robyn has done her homework and sourced the best specialty foods for all manner of eating issues, from pastas, sauces and baking mixes to herbal remedies and beauty products (did you know that some lipsticks have gluten?). Also nice are her efforts to keep it local. Try the biscotti from Glastonbury and the organic gluten/dairy-free Belgian chocolates made in Manchester. Not local, but The Le Veneziane corn pasta is the best I’ve had; I threw a handful of Ditalini in a pot of Ina Garten’s fabulous Winter Minestrone, and nobody was the wiser. A welcome addition to the Shoreline!
You’ll find Robyn’s in the commercial strip next to Willoughbys on Route 1 in Branford.

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