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May 16, 2022
Discover / gift / Royalties, Hadlyme

Royalties: A Gift Shop for Francophiles


You know how it takes a few drive-bys of an intriguing shop before you actually stop? Royalties in Hadlyme Four Corners was one of those. When I finally made it in, I was greeted by the charming owner, Michaela, and I felt a bit like I was entering a fantasy world that previously only existed in her brain! Edith Piaf on the stereo sets the tone for this French-inspired gift shop that is literally packed to the brim with enticing goodies. I was especially taken by the prints by Janet Hill Design, these hilarious wine and gin teacups, Chateau de Versailles sachets, sprays of lavender, and giant tin buckets for summer entertaining. The packaging is as delightful as the inventory! I could go on and on, but suffice to say, Francophiles need to head straight here. If Hadlyme Four Corners is too big a schlep, shop Royalties online here:


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