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June 18, 2018

Shayna B. By The Sea for Happy Vegans

shayna b

There are those of us who have severe food allergies, and then there are plenty of us that avoid specific ingredients just because we feel better when we’re eating “clean.” And then there are a few of us who are in the middle: gluten inflames our asthma, or dairy tends to stir up a bunch of gunk, so from time to time it just feels best to steer clear.  I say it’s great to have choices, and that’s precisely where Shayna B. By the Sea comes in. This new vegan cafe in Old Saybrook whips up all manner of yummy snacks without any potential hazards: free of gluten, dairy, and meat. We stopped in for lunch the other day and feasted on a tasty vegetarian pizza with a crispy crust, and a frosty acai bowl. I can’t resist them: this frozen Brazilian fruit, topped with granola, hemp seeds, banana, and strawberries is a whole lot more ice cream sundae than breakfast.  A superfood and entirely guiltless pleasure. The tofu plate with fresh veggies was fine, as tofu is, but here the big news is dessert. Owner Christine Reed is a baker extraordinaire and offers up cases full of treats for the food sensitive, from peanut cookies to chocolate truffles. It’s a happy place for an afternoon pick-me-up, judging by the steady stream of clear-eyed and healthy folk piling in, and the devoted snackers choosing freshly baked treats. Fill a box with cake truffles, peanut butter cupcakes, and apple pie for your next dinner party, and nobody will be the wiser. Good to know: Shayna B. offers vegan catering, too.

247 Main Street, Old Saybrook

P.S. Here’s another gluten-free bakery on the shoreline.

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