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May 17, 2021
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Show-Stopping Poutine & More at Hot French Chix, Chester

hot french chix

We’ve long been fans of Everett Reid’s cuisine (and Linda’s hospitality!), dating back to the early days of Restaurant L&E. When we heard there was French Quebec Poutine on the menu, we bellied up to the bar in a flash. The bountiful plate of sizzling Pommes Frites topped with cheese curds, gravy, and the most tender and succulent duck confit was just as indulgent and heavenly as it sounds. It’s a feast on its own but since I can never resist ordering Hot French Chix’s acclaimed Banh Mi sandwich, I had to sample lightly. This outrageous sandwich features crispy fried chicken topped with Sesame Aioli, Pickled Vegetable Slaw and a generous side of Pommes Frites.

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Dine inside or out. Call 860-322-4102 for reservations.

59 Main Street, Chester

hot french chix


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