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An Excruciatingly Opinionated Guide to the Shoreline

July 10, 2017
Be Well / fitness / Sound Body

Sound Body House of Dance & Strength, Guilford


Same old exercise routine got you down? We’ve found a rare gem of a serious workout right here on the Shoreline. Audrey Slater, native New Yorker now Shoreline transplant, has brought authentic athletic dance cardio here and it’s totally worth your time for just one short hour. All you need is a BIG bottle of water and your dancing shoes (sneakers specifically). Audrey’s a former fashion editor and celebrity stylist who’s worked with fitness gurus like Jillian Michaels and she’s trained with big names like Tracy Anderson. Her classes take place in Guilford on Route 1 at All That Jazz studio. She warms it up to 75 degrees, blasts the hot playlist, throws you a few towels and you’re off. The workout starts with a cardio dance routine which is not impossible to follow (a few hipped up grapevines, a bit of jumping, and some booty shaking) and then moves into interval strength training on the mat. Back to the now familiar dance routine at the end. This workout is not for the faint of heart. But rest assured, if you give it a fair shake, you’ll walk out that door covered in sweat, but feeling like a bit of a rockstar (or more like a popstar). The endorphins will follow you home. What’s better than dancing, really?

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Audrey Slater Photo By James Macari


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