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April 24, 2017
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Thai Sweet Treats, Guilford

If you’ve never had Thai desserts now is your chance to discover a whole new world of textural, colorful, sweet goodness. We received the hot tip on Thai Sweet Treats from a reader and raced over to see what we’d been missing. The red barn adjacent to our beloved Bufalina (convenient!) now houses a teeny Thai (mostly desert) cafe. The handful of tables were filled with folks lunching, some drinking tea and reading the newspaper. The adorable and welcoming couple and their darling, young daughter were handing out samples of virtually everything in the dessert case to excited and adventurous eaters.
I first sampled a creamy and colorful dish of water chestnuts, jackfruit and palm seeds in coconut milk. It seemed an unlikely combination but the flavor was fantastic. The coconut cake was divine and stacked in a neat pile with plenty to share. Loads of coconut flakes, egg, and a mix of flour and coconut milk make for a dense cake. No fork required.  The surprise favorite was a Thai custard (think flan) over a bed of chewy purple sticky rice. The layers of texture and unique but not overly sweet flavor make chomping on these desserts seem nearly nutritious.
How often do you see Bubble Tea on the Shoreline? I couldn’t leave without one. The stunning owner, dressed in her floor length Thai finery, prepared for me her favorite Passionfruit flavor, which made it all the sweeter. For Bubble Tea newbies, it’s an adventure worth trying: tea, fruit and milk blended with ice and dotted with chewy pearls of black tapioca.
Looking forward to trying the savory items on the menu ASAP. They serve all the Thai favorites – curries, dumplings and ramen, too. Perfect for take-out and for feeding a crowd.
Open Tues-Sunday 10:30 am – 9pm
Closed on Mondays

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