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July 14, 2010
Concerts and Theater / Fun / The Buddy Holly Story

The Buddy Holly Story Ivoryton Playhouse

The third unbearable day of last week’s heat wave found me chilling at the Ivoryton Playhouse watching the premiere performance of The Buddy Holly Story. Here’s what I say: get tickets today and plant yourself for a couple of hours of rock and roll history. There’s a ton of talent packed into this show. Don’t know why, but it happens every time: take a geeky guy with a voice, strap on a guitar and, voila! Sexy rock star! Greg Hammer as Buddy is pitch perfect, and the rest of the cast is, too: Richie Valens (Khalid Rivera) steals the show with his rendition of La Bamba, and Robert W. Schultz, Jr. is a larger-than-life and convincing Big Bopper. Don’t blame me if you find yourself twisting in the aisles. A joyous summer show for all ages.

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