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April 21, 2014

The Cake Lady, New London and Niantic

The Cake Lady, New London and Niantic
Long before there was a cupcake bakery in every town and cupcake trucks roamed the streets, there was The Cake Lady. Charlene has been baking cupcakes and custom confections for thirteen years, initially out of a commercial home kitchen, then a full service bakery in New London. Lucky for those of us that find New London a bit of a trek for a cupcake, she’s just opened a satellite in East Lyme (a stone’s throw from Flanders Four Corners). Here you’ll find her famous wedding and birthday cakes and over twenty varieties of cupcakes. The standard lineup includes flavors like pistachio, pina colada and chocolate oreo, but she’s always concocting new ones. If you’re the type that likes to dip your bacon in maple syrup (moi!), Pancakes & Bacon (pictured) is right up your alley. The assorted box of thirteen varieties of mini cupcakes ($10) makes for an instant party, or grab a few Puppies, The Cake Lady’s version of a petite, homemade Devil Dog. Yum.
Here’s the mini cupcake assortment:

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