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August 17, 2015
Eat / foodie / The Stand, Branford

The Stand, Branford

The Stand, Branford

Now, here’s a genius transformation! The old Indian Neck Garage (most recently the Indian Neck General Store) is now a hopping enclave for fresh food lovers. With a nod to neighborhood tradition, Branford native Greg Nobile and his business partner, Eamon Roche, have turned a decades-old farm stand into a foodie destination by adding a vintage trailer for service and a BBQ truck with a smoker hitch.

The Stand wakes at 7am seven days a week, with the popular Standwich (egg, bacon, cheese on English muffin), smoothies and Willoughby’s Stand Blend coffee, served by the cheerful staff from the trailer window. They don’t stop there, though. BBQ sandwiches or racks of ribs (smoked long and slow on a pit hitched on the back of a pickup truck) are joined by imaginative sides from the vast garden – whatever’s ready for harvest on a given day. And what would a stand be without ice-cream? Leave room for a cone of Moose Tracks from the famed Gifford’s of Maine. We gobbled up a coffee-based bbq-brisket with red pepper harissa on a snowflake roll before perusing the bounty of farm-fresh produce, honey, maple syrup and pies available for sale. Find summer necessities like newspapers and propane here, too. Next up? The Stand has big plans. Stay tuned for a full-service restaurant opening next Spring. We can’t wait. Check their FB page for updates.

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The Stand, Branford
Overlooking the Garden
The Stand, Branford
The Garage at The Stand
The Stand, Branford
THE Stand
The Stand, Branford
Fresh Produce at The Stand
The Stand BBQ Brisket
BBQ Brisket with Harissa

The Stand,Branford

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