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January 12, 2016

Trapeze at Fearless Flyers, Mystic

You don’t have to run away to be in the circus anymore! Fearless Flyers Academy offers classes in flying trapeze, trampoline, aerial fabrics, flexibility, and more in a new 10-000+ square foot gym.

The Fearless owners, Don and Ally Dinh, have extensive backgrounds in gymnastics and acrobatics, and as coaches, they’ve trained gymnastic champions, Olympians, and Cirque du Soleil performers. For their flying trapeze class, Don and Ally didn’t waste any time in getting me and nine others up the ladder, onto the platform, and swinging out over the safety net below, where some people dismounted with a backflip (everyone else in class) and others gracelessly let go and fell from the bar (me). Those who aced their backflip went on to hang from the trapeze by their knees, and the bravest of the brave could sail out from and grab onto the hands of a catcher awaiting on another bar across the net.

Daredevils, athletes, and those who simply seek a playful and challenging addition to their fitness regimen are sure to satisfy their inner child at Fearless Flyers. Flying trapeze is also the perfect option for those looking for a family-friendly workout—though I don’t recommend it as a way to break through dad’s fear of heights.


Classes: Flying Trapeze, Aerial Fabrics, Trampoline, Learn to Be a Catcher, Strength and Conditioning, Aerial Static Trapeze, Flexibility 

Schedule: 1 to 2 evening classes Monday, Thursday, and Friday. 2 Daytime classes Saturdays, 4 morning and afternoon classes on Sunday. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Atmosphere: Big, bright, and airy. Cozy lobby, men and women’s locker rooms, second-floor viewing area.

Price: $45 drop-in weekday trapeze class, $55 weekends. Static trapeze and trampoline-$30 drop-in. Flexibility and strength and conditioning-$15 drop-in. Anytime classes: 5 for $247.50, 10 for $467.50, 20 for $880. Aerial 10-class package: $240, Fitness 10-class package: $120. 

Extras: Birthday parties, master classes, private lessons, corporate events.

by Amanda Bloom


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