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April 6, 2011
Be Well / health & wellness / Vitamma


This business is no longer open.
Brothers Zack and Dave Adams are emblematic of entrepreneurial twenty-somethings, who are dreaming up companies that combine a mission to do well AND do good. Zack’s company,, launched last month. Inspired by an article in the New York Times about vitamin deficiency in the developing world, he hatched this simple idea: sell multi-vitamins online, and for every bottle sold, three kids receive a year’s dose of vitamin A. Here are the facts: Vitamin A deficiency causes  a half million cases of blindness in children worldwide, and 25% of these kids die.
The children aren’t starving, but their diet of mainly rice or starch, is nutritionally bereft. Zack teamed up with Vitamin Angels to distribute vitamin A to kids. Many global issues seem overwhelming, but this one is solvable! It takes only two drops, two times a year to cut down child mortality 25% in developing countries. Vitamin Angels delivered 24 million doses last year. Let’s fix this. Buy some vitamins! Women’s, men’s, kids or prenatal multivitamins are $14.99 per bottle. You and the world will be better off.

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