Download Now! 7 Apps for College Success


Our interns, Molly and Hannah, vetted this list of must-have apps for college students:

Buying books, saving money, and managing your time are about to become three main stressors you’ll have to deal with.  Here are seven apps to make it easier for you.

Occupy the Bookstore: Definitely a must! It searches the web to find the cheapest textbook prices. When shopping at your school’s online bookstore, it alerts you if you can get a lower price elsewhere. Books are expensive already, so being able to find the best deals to buy textbooks is every college student’s dream.

Study Blue: Who wants to handwrite flashcards anymore? Use this app to ace your exam by writing digital notecards and checking out flashcard sets from over 10 million other student users.

Rovertown: You’ll need this app! Part of being a college student is being broke, so tricks to saving money are always helpful. By using this app, you can see where you can get student discounts at local retailers and restaurants.

RefME: Annotated bibliography; two words students do not want to hear. This app makes citations super hassle-free.

Chegg: A cheap and easy way to purchase books! This app is a service that’s offers up to 90% off bookstore prices and you can avoid the trouble of selling back at the end of the semester.

LevelMoney: Once you’re at college, you’re living on your own. How exciting! Managing your finances… not so much. This app helps you understand your bank account, figure out what’s an acceptable spending amount and keeps track of your bills and goals.

FocusList: Love it! A daily planner app that helps you plan your time and work efficiently. It combines a clean, polished look (who doesn’t love that?) with accountability for getting things done.