A Top Ten List Round-Up

photo credit: chow.com
There have been entire days this winter where I’ve been unable to pry myself away from my laptop. Yes, I’m working, of course, but I get distracted by the interweb as easily as anyone. Recipes, shoes, weather.com, shoes, decorating ideas, shoes…it’s all so riveting! To keep me from getting lost in cyberland, I subscribe to Bloglovin’. Sign up for the blogs you fancy (hey, The E List is on there, too!) and receive a daily email with new posts. I don’t read them every day, but I did a Bloglovin’ binge this snowy weekend. Here are a few posts I think you might like, too:
Maybe it’s my Cambridge roots, but I can never get enough of block-printed fabrics. Lending a boho nod to my otherwise classic look, whether for napkins, pillows or a beach cover up, I love a handprinted textile: Here’s a list of ten of the best sources for block-printed linens and fabrics. 
I am forever jamming another jar of, well, jam into my woefully overstocked pantry. (My new favorite? Woodstock Hill Preserves Raspberry Rhubarb). Here’s how to get more space out of yours.
And while you’re organizing your jams and jellies, here’s a list of audio books and Pandora stations to make the time fly. Listen while you work.
Mini tamale pies, anyone? I personally think everything tastes better when made in a muffin tin and so do the folks at Chow.com.
So many days inside has many of us pining for fresh surroundings. The quickest (and cheapest) way to update your decor? New throw pillows!  Here are the best places to buy throw pillows online. 
Fathomaway is one of my favorite sites for armchair travel and they’ve just released THEIR 2015 list of the best travel blogs and websites. Find it here. 
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