Family Fun at the Adventure Rooms


by Robbin Myers

On the hunt for an engaging activity to do with my three kids (ages 11, 13 and 14), I happened upon a friend’s Facebook post about Adventure Rooms in Middletown. Their website intrigued me — a live action game where you try to solve your way out of a room or maze. We snagged the only remaining reservation, “Remedy Team”, and headed up to the historic Sanseer Mill the next day. An upbeat instructor gave us the lay of the land and told us we’d learn what we needed to know as we went along. So mysterious! The fun of the experience is the unknown, so I won’t spoil it for you, but it was an exciting hour for all of us, and provided a rare opportunity to bond with my teens and watch them solve the various challenges. Apparently only 30% of players complete the challenge and I’m happy to report that we were among the lucky few. Recommended for ages 14 and older (my 11-year-old daughter aced it). Kids who have grown up glued to Survivor will love the intellectual challenges. Also a popular destination for business team building and crews of adult friends. Plan ahead, the Adventure Rooms book up fast.