Arethusa Farm Dairy, New Haven


Just imagine if Manolo Blahnik exec’s owned a farm that produced couture dairy products – wait – they do – Arethusa Farm Dairy! This chic and sleek dairy boutique on Chapel sells the pampered herd’s milk, cream, sour cream, cheese, butter (yes! homemade butta’!) and ice cream. My ice cream go-to’s are  Chocolate with Chocolate Chunks and Almond Toasted Coconut, but be on the look-out for seasonal flavors; if you’re lucky you can still catch their Strawberry, and they’ll have Peach late summer.

There are nine cheese options, but blue cheese fans should not leave without a wedge of that pungent Arethusa Blue. And maybe some summery fresh Farmer’s Cheese. That sea-salted butter may well change your life.

The secret sauce to their success; all the products are luxuriously rich but oddly light. Proof that things go better with the absence of pectins and stabilizers.

Arethusa Farm is a 21st-century dairy store that celebrates the flavors and wholesomeness of simpler times. You know, when all a girl needed was a good pair of stilettos.     1020 Chapel Street, New Haven

Arethusa Farm Dairy