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October 17, 2008
Eat / restaurants / Aspen, Old Saybrook

Aspen, Old Saybrook

I’ve returned to Aspen in Old Saybrook 3 times with a bunch of girlfriends, and here’s why:  yummy small plates to share, not-your-standard wines by the glass (Sonoma Cutrer, anyone?) and even a killer Cosmo.  Here’s what we eat:  grilled flat bread with shrimp and fig puree, yellowfin tuna seared rare on wonton crisps, and ditalini pasta with asparagus and basil pistou.  But here’s the real reason to go to Aspen:  our waiter, Kevin.  When we passed on dessert and suggested that maybe Aspen could extend the small plate idea to its dessert selection (we only wanted a teeny bite of chocolate after all) this is what we got with our bill.  If that’s not over the top service, I don’t know what is.

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