August Upscale Bar & Eatery: A Teeny Tiny Tour de Force


When I get a pang for a euro style sur-la-plage sandwich or some fab pecorino al tartufo with a fruity red, I go to August. And don’t call it a restaurant! With only 17 or so bar seats, ten small plates, charcuterie, cheese boards and an adventurous wine list, this 350 square foot jewel is a lil’ tour de force. Cocktail-ers take note – except for some artisanal beers, you’re on oenophiles turf.

Each dish is crafted on a well-worn butcher block surrounded by jars of mustards and olives and herbs prepared in full view of guests; a fridge, meat slicer and toaster oven are all stashed neatly under the counter.
I could detail the many wonders that come out of this mini space; like why the Spanish Sardine Panino with lemon parsley gremolata is mana from heaven. Or how authentic the Country Style Pate with caper berries is, or swoon over the charcuterie of smoked duck breast, coppa, and cacciatore al diavolo, but August is more than that. It’s a little hideaway from the world. With its low-key European vibe, it’s an ideal spot to catch up with a girlfriend or enjoy an Elm City stopover or a night cap. Personally, I steal some ‘me time’ with a good book and a side of Ichabod Oysters.

August, named after the owner’s son, is on Edwards Street – right off State. Small plates run from $5 to $15, and the boards are three choices for $18. Can’t beat it. The wine, by the glass or bottle, can add up, but when in Rome!

Find August on Facebook here.              3 Edwards St, New Haven