Bastien’s Camembert au Barbecue


My ridiculously adorable young French cousin visited this summer, along with her equally adorable boyfriend. We had so much fun turning them on to typical New England fare like lobster rolls and S’mores (which so delighted them, we sent them home with the fixings…). In return they shared their recipe for grilled camembert which they enjoy as they say “a la bonne franquette”, which loosely means everyone just digs in.

It’s more of a preparation than a recipe, but a wonderful treat on a crisp fall evening, either before dinner, as dinner, or as the French do, for dessert. Here’s a video of Bastien demonstrating the method. (p.s. we tried both an American camembert and a French camembert, and I definitely recommend going with a French one…the melted consistency was much better). Light the barbie and grab a baguette.

Video by Bobbie Semple