Bedford Post Inn


If you’re looking for a quick but luxurious getaway, head to the Bedford Post Inn. Richard Gere is the unlikely owner (and although I hear he makes a regular appearance, I didn’t spy him, and believe me, I looked). Parts of the rambling structure date back to the 1860’s but you’d never know it – these days it’s all white oak and pale fabrics giving the place a peaceful Belgian vibe. The Inn itself is tiny, only eight rooms, and ours was on the small and cozy side. I’m an early riser and my husband likes to sleep in, so the fireplaced library with coffee 24/7 was a happy place to spend the wee hours. Or I could have just pulled up the stool to the counter in the roomy bath: carrara-clad with a giant slab walk in shower.

Dinner, here, is an event.

Campagna, the on-site fine dining restaurant is elegant and busy (maybe a bit loud for those that care), but an unobstrusive and highly trained staff is at the ready. I don’t know that the rest of the world gets as excited about a salad as I do, but my arugula number with olives, shreds of fennel, grapefruit, watermelon radish and a fast toss in vinaigrette was a fresh start, as Joe made his way through a perfectly curled tentacle of octopus in a shallot vinaigrette. He was thrilled, too, with fat tortelloni stuffed with ricotta, made in house. When was the last time anyone had Chicken Cacciatore? Hoping that it wasn’t a gloppy casserole drowned in tomato sauce, I was thrilled with Campagna’s version. Call it deconstructed: a perfectly roasted chicken breast atop a chunky, robust sauce (more olives) on a bed of buttery polenta. I mindlessly downed the entire rather huge portion before I offered Joe a bite! You’ll have to ask him about his duck as I didn’t get a taste of that either.  A favorite dessert was on the menu: Affogato: a shot of espresso over vanilla ice cream. Simple and perfect, served with two adorably teeny profiteroles. Campagna is the sort of convivial spot you wish was in striking distance for Friday night dinner with friends. They got it ALL right from the service to the light-handed decor with a farmhouse flavor, crackling fire in the corner, pretty people and buzzy room. Our waiter invited us to have a drink outside by the fire pit (tempting) but we were looking forward to our cozy, cushy bed. Twenty minutes and full tummmies later we were both snoozing away.

A full breakfast is included in “The Barn”, the more casual restaurant on the property. We feasted on flaky croissants, bacon and eggs and crispy fingerling potatoes. Much healthier options are available, but we couldn’t resist the counter full of fresh-baked pastries.

And then there’s yoga! This place is a destination for yogis, offering daily classes in all types and styles, and a steady stream of neighborhood gals lugging mats made their way into the airy yoga barn (as we were cheerfully chomping our bacon). Next time, I’ll take class BEFORE breakfast.

Good to know: if you’re thinking of heading to Stone Barns, and making it an overnight, Bedford Post Inn is only 20 minutes away. Or have dinner at Campagna, skip breakfast, and do lunch at Stone Barns before heading home. Bring an appetite!


Petite Queen Bedroom




Campagna Dining Room


Private Dining Room


Chicken Cacciatore


The Barn Breakfast


Yoga Studio