River Tavern

If there is a single, overriding advantage to having an only child, it’s this: while my friends with broods were relegated to the local pizza parlour, we could drag our only daughter to whatever restaurant struck our fancy. And, since the day they opened twelve years ago, that’s been River Tavern. Owner Jonathan Rapp introduced farm-to-table, locally-sourced dining to the Shoreline and now we’ve come to expect it. River Tavern has spawned a clutch of like-minded restaurants and if their mission was to teach us to enjoy the abundance of Connecticut, they’ve been successful by any measure. In 2007, Dinners at the Farm was conceived, one of the most anticipated summer events on the Shoreline. If you’ve yet to experience this extravaganza featuring the bounty of our local farms, get tickets before they’re sold out. The six-course menu is entirely dependent on what’s fresh that day and sourced mainly from the hosting farm. (A portion of the proceeds are donated to local non-profit organizations that encourage farming and healthy eating). River Tavern has born witness to many of our birthdays, all of our anniversaries and has helped raise our baby into a young adult with decent manners. Thanks, RT and congrats.
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