Blended Bliss: The Juice Box


Talk about Liquid Heaven! Under one roof on Chapel Street, the freshest local produce is blended or juiced or smoothied a million ways to Sunday. I’ve broken up with my No Pulp Tropicana for The Kathy, a mixture of apple, beets, and ginger, and The Zabar – apple, orange, lemon, and turmeric. The latter has a sweet tarty-ness that ends with a throaty-turmeric-y afterburn heat seekers will appreciate. This one is named after the Zabars Emporium clan, the famous deli family is part of the visionary team behind the operation.

Besides seasonal blends, they have catch-as-catch-can surprises like adorbs mini pop tarts one day and weird but addicting watermelon jerky (think adult fruit roll-ups) the next. One of the few non-liquids on the menu; The Avocado Toast with lemon, chili flakes, olive oil, sea salt and pickled red onion is the perfect nosh-on-the-run. Add The Kathy and one of their many outstanding Acai bowls  – and you’ve got your fruit and vegetable quota for the next six months. (Okay, slight exaggeration).

The Juice Box motto is ‘Squeeze to Please, ‘ and they live up to it. It’s not just another place with a blender – they are like mad scientists blazing a trail, to use their words, into the ‘wellness revolution.’ Did I say lucky us?    1092 Chapel Street, New Haven