Breakfast in Bantam


After our perfect sojourn at the White Hart Inn we decided to head to Bantam on the way back, home of the famous Arethusa Dairy, their wonderful restaurant (written about here), and newish coffee shop. I skipped breakfast at The Inn (difficult as it was) to save my appetite for Arethusa A Mano, and I was glad I did.

Stumptown provides a deep, dark cappuccino, which goes well with all the delicacies on offer. Everything, literally, from butter to bagels, is whipped up in-house. We carbo-loaded on crullers, bagels and lox, and a gooey breakfast sandwich with local eggs, cheese, and bacon (of course). If you’re in the mood for a more formal sit down, I can’t recommend Arethusa Al Tavolo more highly, but if you’re looking for grab-n-go, stop in at Arethusa A Mano for a bite. Make sure to head across the street to the dairy (as you’ve probably parked in back of it, parking is limited), and stock up on yogurt, the best butter ever, chunks of blue cheese, and rounds of Camembert. It was only 11am but we couldn’t resist an ice cream cone and you won’t either. The chocolate is deep and dark, with full-on milk fat. Ridiculously yummy.

Arethusa A Mano