Brunch at Fresh Salt, Old Saybrook


You may already know that my husband has a weird and annoying phobia of all-you-can-eat brunches from reading The E List, so I happily dragged a willing Laura along last Sunday to Saybrook Point Inn. And a good idea it was, because this is the sort of brunch where you’ve just go to go all in. After taking our seats at Fresh Salt overlooking the marina, we hopped to it. Several of the smaller banquet rooms were literally festooned with food. For me? A baked to order gluten-free waffle, with a dollop of maple syrup and strawberries, Eggs Bennie with a perfectly poached one, piles of freshly cut fruit, and way too much bacon. I could not resist the tower of smoked fish and helped myself to shrimp cocktail, smoked trout and bluefish, and a piggy portion of smoked salmon. And, oh yes, a bagel and cream cheese as a vessel. If my husband was with me, I probably wouldn’t have been an all out glutton, but I didn’t stop there. While I did not go back for seconds, I did fill a plate with Linzer torte cookies, gluten free cupcakes, sugared passion fruit gelees, and a miniature cinnamon apple rice pudding. What’s lovely about this lavish brunch is that most of the offerings are cut or cooked just for you, from the carving stations of rib eye and ham, to the fluffy omelets, pasta and waffles…hardly a chafing dish to be found! Laura and I had a bit too much fun and waddled happily out.

Good to know: reservations are a must, and plenty of gluten-free and/or Paleo options (if you can resist the cheesy scones, bagels, and croissants, that is).

Adults $39.95, children 5 – 12 $19.95, children under 5 free.

Call for reservations: 860.388.1111

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