Chocolate Shell, Old Lyme

The Chocolate Shell is a dangerous place. At least for me. But it’s almost Valentine’s Day so I had to run over and fill up a heart box for my daughter. They do this well, their selection of artisanal chocolates from local and American makers is likely the best on the Shoreline (Divine, Two Chicks With Chocolate, ThinkFIKA). But that’s not nearly all. How about a Twinkie on a slab of thick-cut bacon draped in dark chocolate ($13.95)? If that’s a bit much, you can stick with just bacon dipped chcololate. Of course, everything is better dipped in chocolate (grahams, oreos, apricots here), and Zest’s fresh hand-dipped chocolate strawberries will be on hand this week, too. For the Valentine’s Day hater’s among us, the Gummy Ex-boyfriends might do the trick, or a bag of Black Heart licorice! But if you’d like to create your own box from the delectable assortment, grab a cup of cocoa and hang around while owner, Barbara Crowley, assembles your selections –even the boxes are artful, here. She tends to throw you a sample as she goes (what was that crazy peanut butter number? Might need a box to myself!)Nut free, vegan, gluten free and organic available, too.
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