Donut Crazy, Branford


Donuts seem to have taken over where cupcakes left off, and the trend is definitely the nuttier, the better. Enter Donut Crazy. This CT-based chainlet with an outpost in New Haven crafts kooky flavors like Peanut Butter Cup, Cannoli, and Red Velvet Surprise. All the donuts are either cake or raised yeast, but that’s where the similarities end. Lots of brainpower has been given to popular combos that just might make an appealing bite of fried goodness. As in most things (pizza, pasta) I’m a bit of a purist and perfectly happy munching a cruller or classic glazed ring. And, yes, plainish varieties are available here, too. I ordered a bunch of “March Specials” and had a bite of each, and, frankly, my favorite was the Boston Cream Pie: a chocolate frosted raised baby, filled with that classic ooey, creamy goodness. I could have demolished the whole thing, but I was on to Strawberry Banana, French Toast, and a Mudslide (who knew that chocolate pudding makes a lovely filler?). It’s a fun stop when fueling up if you’re on your way to Apple Store madness (right around the corner), or eat in and enjoy some trendy nitro coffee on tap with CT-based Arethusa Farm milk. I spied tater tots on the menu, so next time…..

Good to know: Donut Crazy Truck available for parties or gatherings, or get a couple dozen to go: they have these genius bags that fit the half-dozen boxes perfectly.