Myers & Chang

South End
Joanne Chang (owner of the wildly popular Flour Cafe and Bakery) and Christopher Myers (master restaurateur) are the mega-talented husband and wife team behind this “L.A. diner meets 1950’s Polynesian” restaurant. The mood isn’t serious, but the food is with Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and Thai influences. Overexcited by the tempting menu, we tried a bit of everything: scallion pancake, triple pork mushu stirfry (pork loin, bacon, Chinese sausage and shitakes) Mama Chang’s pork and chive pot stickers, Dan Dan noodles (could have licked the bowl) and tamarind glazed cod. Yup, ate it all. Save room for dessert. The vegan chocolate mousse with five spice marshmallows is, surprisingly, worth every calorie. Too much fun was had by all, thanks to my friend Noah and the Sake Sangria. Well-priced, kid-friendly and scrumptious, this is a don’t-miss.