Girls’ Night Out in Essex 2014

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the goodies you’ll find at Girls’ Night Out in Essex. Essex has become the go-to Main Street for home decor and gift shops, which makes it a perfect hub for an The E List Girls’ Night Out! Please join me and The E List team on November 5th at the Griswold Inn Wine Bar for 1/2 price wine, then we’ll hit the streets to get a head start on holiday shopping (and perhaps a few treats for ourselves!) all at 20% off!  Click here to find out everything you need to know about Girls’ Night Out.
p.s. Pictured above, from Newbury Place, Giving Thanks Thanksgiving Guest Book, $24.95.
Pictured below is the inimitable Maira Kalman’s illustrated version of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules. Find it at Goods and Curiosities, the Griswold Inn Store. 
One North Main
We have been COVETING this sweater! An over-sized boxy shape with a fitted elbow sleeve and deep vee in whisper soft cashmere and a plethora of colors, it works just as well on it’s own or over a long sleeve tee. By Minnie Rose at $249 (less 20% on Girls’ Night Out).  p.s. One North Main is the new name for Stonewear.
Newbury Place, 17 Main
What’s so great about these wristlets? Everything! Crafted in a squishy, soft leather in a host of colors, this little bag has a lot going for it. Slip it on your wrist, or sling it cross-body with its detachable shoulder strap and file your credit cards in the interior wallet pockets. At an oh-so-reasonable $34, it’s the perfect piece to throw in your tote. Find Newbury Place, a new gift and accessory shop,  inside J. Alden.
Pough Interiors, 1 Main
The owners of Pough are known for their visionary interiors, but for Girls’ Night Out I’m all about stocking up on the best assortment of design and decor books at 20% off! 
Walker Loden, 8 Main
I’m the girl that loves to get going on holiday shopping, so I was happy to find an entire room devoted to Christmas at Walker Loden! This newby on the block offers plenty of giftable goodies including these ornamental yogis. I’ve got them on my list for a few of my nearest and dearest.
High Point Home, 55 Main
Head out of the Gris, cross the street and slightly to the right, find High Point Home (next to Olive Oyl’s) and a sweet selection of hostess gifts. While owner Kaitlin’s specialty is interior design with a New England meets Palm Beach aesthetic, she’s got an eye for just the right gift and a boutique full of options. These indoor/outdoor mats will please all your doggy-devoted pals ($62). 
The French Hen, 16 Main
Suffice to say, I NEVER leave The French Hen empty- handed. From well-priced jewelry to table-top, home decor and the fantastic selection of greeting cards, this is a must stop for stocking up. Love these French-inspired ceramics in gorgeous gift boxes. Find The French Hen on Facebook
By Chance, 1 N Main
Thinking about a vintage farmhouse Thanksgiving? Stock up on antique mixing bowls, kitchen gadgets and painted sideboards at one of Essex’s newest antique destinations.