Every single person that goes to Hudson Clearwater declares it their new favorite restaurant. It’s the winning combo of an attention-grabbing menu (those butter clams with gnocchi and sauteed kale!), delish drinks, sweet staff and secret entrance (on Morton, not Hudson). ABC Kitchen is all everyone says it is PLUS great people watching AND shopping before or after lunch. When you’re stranded at Javitz without a taxi in sight you will be overjoyed about Uber, a new car service app that delivers a car to you within a few minutes. Costs a bit more than a cab, but much less than a towncar. Never forget a cozy bar (Von!) or strange but wonderful boutique (Meadow -chocolate, flowers and…salt!) again with Rego appFieldtrip will let you know when you’re about to come upon something noteworthy or delicious, anywhere. Book last minute, crazy deals in major cities with HotelTonight.