Gotham West Market, NYC


Food halls are THE thing right now in NYC and the new Gotham West Market offers a variety of noshes, plus cooking classes, a Brooklyn-accented specialty grocery (beet yogurt??), even a bike concierge. The Market is a straight shot up the West Side from the High Line Hotel, so I ran in to have a look. And LOOK I did, because I was still recovering from Smorgasburg. It’s a bit like an upscale cafeteria, all sleek counters and bearded guys proffering tacos, tapas, fried chicken, ramen (was almost swayed there) and, of course artisanal ice cream in flavors like “Sweet Cream Biscuits and Peach Jam”. There’s plenty of public space to perch with a laptop or a glass of wine, or grab your meal and head to the outdoor patio. It’s a brilliant answer to the pre-theater dilemma, as everyone can choose their preferred cuisine and then eat together. Next time I have Broadway tix, I’m heading here first.