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August 26, 2019
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Griswold Textile Mill: Decorator’s Secret in Westerly

Griswold Textile Mill

If you’re on the hunt for home decorating fabrics, you HAVE to check out this shop. The Griswold Textile Mill has been hand-printing fabrics for high-end design houses since 1937. On the side of the mill building, you’ll find a small shop selling “seconds” of decorator yardage with some very fancy designer names attached. I’m not sure I’m allowed to mention who they are, and they do not allow photos in the shop.  The printed cottons run $15 per yard, and linens are $22. Many of these materials are upwards of $100 per yard at retail, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. They may be overcuts, or the print was the wrong shade. Worth a stop or special trip.

Photo above is of some printed linen yardage I purchased.

84 White Rock Road
Westerly, RI

Griswold Textile Mill

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