Hadlyme Country Market

My grandmother loved to ski. This was a good thing for us, because she rented a ski house every season and we’d head up for weekends and vacations. One Christmas break, it never stopped snowing and we couldn’t make it to the mountain. We could, however, stomp down the road to the country store in Rutland, VT for delights like Slim Jims and Tootsie Rolls. We loved that store almost as much as skiing. Now I can relive those delicious memories at the freshly renovated Hadlyme Country Market.
There are only a handful of reasons to go to Hadlyme (unless you live there), and most definitely the Country Market is a good one. In addition to Slim Jims, you’ll find smoked duck breast, heirloom onions, gluten free oatmeal and Justin’s crazy yummy peanut butter.
A steady stream of locals stop in for soup, sandwiches and salads (cranberry walnut chicken!), but go early for scones and apple turnovers. The Block boys worked their magic, turning the old store into a dream version of an old store, complete with reclaimed floorboards, vintage lighting and antique cases. Grab a sandwich and hang out on the porch like a Hadlymian before heading across the street to peruse the goodies at Black Whale Antiques (see below).