Jay’s Photoshop, Old Saybrook


If you’re like us, you store your digital photos anywhere they’ll fit; iCloud, dropbox, iPhoto, flickr, and before you know it, years have gone by since you’ve organized them, let alone printed a few. It doesn’t help that it takes a nanosecond to share your favorites with all your loved ones and folks you barely knew in high school. When it comes time to print, you do have more than just the drugstore option. Thankfully, we have Jay’s Photoshop on Main Street in Old Saybrook. Jay is a one-man-show but he knows photos, so not only can he be trusted to produce high-quality prints (up to 20×30 posters) on-site, but he offers myriad other services. Bring him all those old VHS tapes and home movies and he’ll transfer them to DVD. He’ll happily restore old photos, make prints from slides, and even repair your camera (if you still use one!). You can order prints through his website for $.29 each, or pop in to the shop, plug in and he’ll print directly from your phone for $.39 each. If you’re looking for an actual camera (still an option!), he is a certified CANON dealer and can offer the same deals on his cameras that the big guns like Best Buy and Walmart. He’s got a great selection of Tamrac camera bags and accessories, too. Looking for a cheap paperback for a beach read? Jay’s got those too! There’s a used bookstore in the front half of the shop.  jaysphotoshop.com







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