Lafayette House

I thought I’d be happier staying closer to the shows on the West Side, but had a pang of  jealousy when I saw Jamie’s room at Lafayette House on the Lower East Side. This brownstone townhouse owned and run by the sceney Bowery Hotel is not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me! Feeling very much like your own little pied a terre, it’s more B&B than hotel. Staffed during the day, but unmanned at night, you can get everything you need from the folks at the Bowery. But you won’t need a thing. On the slightly shabby side of chic with mismatched antiques and oriental carpets, an original bath (pink and black tile, no less) and a working gas fireplace, Jamie’s room was huge, but super cozy, with all the usual high end amenities: artisanal snacks, fluffy towels and fifths of booze. Loved it and will stay next time.