Latest Obsession: Bullet Journaling


All you agenda freaks out there probably already know about the bullet journal fad. If not, it’s a planner, to-do list, goal setter, and all those other scraps of paper you have lying around, wrapped up in one tidy notebook. I read a few articles about it and then dove in with a favorite Shinola journal my daughter gave me. The cool thing about bullet journaling is, it’s completely individual, and if you’re the type who likes to track, well, everything, this might be your answer. Books you’ve read, goals for the year, health tracker, meal planner, house projects, to-dos…in a format customized to the way YOU like to organize your lists. If you search Pinterest for Bullet Journals, you’ll find pages and pages of decorated and doodled tomes. Mine is decidedly not: I’ve kept it simple with sections for house projects, 2017 goals, a health tracker. The “Books I’ve Read” page is coming in handy. These days I can’t for the life of me remember the title or author of a novel finished just last week. I’m keeping a running list with a sentence or two to jog my failing memory! Now when someone asks what I’ve loved lately, it’s at my fingertips. Just the act of writing all my goals and projects down makes me feel like I’m half-way done. If you’d like to give bullet journaling a go, here are a few useful resources.

p.s. you don’t have to buy a specific journal. I used my favorite Shinola one (with free monogramming!).