Learn Something New with Skillshare


A heated topic of conversation lately is whether or not college will become obsolete. For lots of us with kids in school, the numbers just don’t make sense. Where’s the return on your $200,000+ investment?? Especially since these days you can learn pretty much ANYTHING online. From crafting to coding, there are plenty of sites that offer up all manner of classes. My latest obsession is Skillshare. Sign up, browse the courses and off you go! I wiled away a weekend learning how to take expert food photographs from Daniel Krieger (you’ve seen his work all over Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Eater, plus his stunning Instagram feed), and was mesmerized by Susan Orlean’s class, Creative Nonfiction, Write Truth With Style. Talk about chops…she’s a staff writer at the New Yorker! You probably find it nuts that I choose to spend even MORE time in front of my computer, but I do like to learn, and short courses are just the ticket for my attention defecit. Creating Food Collages for Instagram was beautiful and sort of dumb, but I’m looking forward to cozying up with my laptop for SEO That Matters, Tactics & Strategy for Entrepreneurs.

I’m completely hooked.


*Full Disclosure: I reached out to Skillshare for an affiliate link because I loved the site. That means if you end up buying Skillshare after the trial, I get a teeny commission.