Links We Love, Summer 2016


I spend a ridiculous amount of time trolling the internet, and generally bookmark a bunch of articles to read later. My current list is a good one so I thought I’d share it with The E List readers:

1. 15 Favorite Vacation House Rental Websites.

2. Latest oh-so-crazy food trend from Japan: Salad Cakes!  

3.  I’m obsessed with Acai bowls and here’s an easy one: (pick up frozen acai at Foodworks). 

4.  One can never have enough book shelves; here are a bunch of modular ones that won’t wreck your walls.

5. No bake treats for summer parties. 

6. Summer must-have activewear.

7. Seven summer cocktails. 

8. Twenty summer reads.

9. Six tech gadgets that will improve your life. 

10. 15 fabulous Interior Designers to follow on Instagram. 

11. Dreamy beach houses.

12. 15 genius no-cook recipes for the dog days.