Miki’s Corned Beef


Once a year I throw a corned beef and a bunch of vegetables in a pot and call it boiled dinner! But I much prefer to go to my friend Miki’s house and eat hers. I begged her for her secret and here it is:

The corned beef is not really a true recipe it’s a little o’ this and a little o’ that: I like the Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s organic. I boil it for a hundred years in veggie broth and beer. I throw in a bunch of peppercorns, a dash of kosher salt (for good luck, not because it needs it)! Then boil it within an inch of its life (2 – 3 hours), pull it out of the putrified liquid, scrape off all the fatty goo, slather the top with a mix of dijon mustard and maple syrup and throw it under the broiler on high for a few minutes. 

I do all the veggies on the side. Small red potatoes bathed in butter and fresh parsley, wedges of cabbage and big hunks of rutabaga cooked together. A little sour cream, dijon and horseradish sauce and soda bread (hold the raisins) on the side. Serve with ample Guinness and/or Harp. Dessert is vanilla ice cream with strawberries in a puddle of Bailey’s!

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