Save the World With Bankhar Dog Project


I know a lot of people who do pretty cool things. And a few of them I count among my friends. Take Bruce Elfstrom. You may be familiar with his local company Overland Experts: they teach off-road driving skills and run adventure travel expeditions to some pretty wild places (literally). During a trip to Mongolia, Bruce and his team were staying in a nomadic village and awoke to the sound of a pack of wolves preying upon the livestock. Seventeen horses and thirty sheep were killed. A biology teacher and scientist, it didn’t take much for Bruce to extrapolate the figures to realize that the traditional nomadic Mongolian family couldn’t sustain these losses to their livelihood. For most of us this would be an overwhelming problem to solve. We would feel sad, we would hope some organization was helping to secure the way of life of these villagers in some of the most inhospitable and remote areas on earth. Not Bruce. He was determined to help. And he has, with the Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project. The organization seeks to re-establish the Bankhar dog that for centuries protected Mongolian livestock. Wiped out during the Russian invasion, these dogs will not only protect the livestock, but will help stop the killing of wolves and rare snow leopards in retribution. Bruce has been quietly and steadily working (with an extremely lean budget) since 2008, and the first litter of pups was born in January. Now you can help keep this project going. Please click through and spend a few minutes watching Bruce’s campaign video and TedX talk, and you too can take a tiny step to save the world.

Support the Indiegogo Campaign HERE.

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