Moxie’s Lavender Lemonade


The mixologists at Moxie concocted this lavender lemonade for our Girls’ Night Out in Madison. Herbal, unusual and so pretty, it’s a lovely summer cocktail, and not overly sweet. Lots of you were interested in the recipe, so I begged it off of them.

To infuse one 705ml bottle of Leaf Glacial Alaskan Vodka:  add 1/4 cup lavender, let sit in the sun for 2 weeks, then sift through strainer.

To make cocktail:
Add ice to highball glass
Add 1.5 oz of lavender infused vodka
Add .5 oz of Koval Chrysanthemum & Honey liqueur
Add fresh squeezed lemonade
Stir and garnish with lavender sprig!