New Technology!


My dog has me so well trained. When he barks I give him a treat to shut him up. As you can imagine, this has turned my life into a never-ending cycle of bark, treat, bark, treat. Stupid, I know, but I can’t teach an old dog new tricks. He is perfectly behaved with my husband. When he arrives home from work, there’s Bruno, sitting silently, looking up at him with a sweet and loving doggy expression. Occasionally I send my husband barking videos to show him what my life with Bruno is like as soon as he’s out the door. But I have a plan. There’s a new gizmo about to hit the market, that may improve things at home: The Motorola Scout 5000. Not only can you track your pet with GPS and see what your dog sees through the video collar, but if he’s being naughty, you can talk to him (a “no, bruno” from my husband stops him in his tracks). At $200, it’s a hefty price, but oh-so-worth my sanity.









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