Retirement Transformed 7-Day Challenge with The E List


I am not retiring any time soon; I love what I do despite the challenges of the last year and a half. But, as an entrepreneur, I’m always thinking about what lies ahead. And yes, the idea of “retirement” (or even another business pivot) fills me with something like dread. I’d like to think the next phase of life could be as rewarding as this one. Retirement Transformed is a new organization on the Shoreline. Their goal is to help you achieve yours, whether it’s a transition to working less or a pivot in your career. The expert owners are teaming up with The E List to offer a 7-day challenge to discover what that next phase means to you. Read more about it below and join me for this free event for E List Subscribers only.

The idea of “retirement” brings on so many mixed feelings. Some people fear (maybe even hate!) the idea. It sounds like something their parents did… and possibly not well. Those people fall in the “I am never going to retire!” category. Does that sound familiar?

Then there are those who are counting the days until they retire. “I can’t wait for the day when I can just kick back and do NOTHING. Every day will feel like Saturday! I’ve earned it.” Does that ring true? But then, doing nothing on end… days without structure or a plan tend to blur, and over time, you might find yourself a little lost. Maybe you play a lot of golf, garden, travel, or spend time with your family… but you still feel like there has to be more. Everything is fine, but you aren’t really feeling fulfilled. Can you relate?

The next phase of life, whenever that is for you, and what that means, is totally in your control. It can be the best time of your life – if you know what you want that life to look like. And it all starts with some reflection on your life so far, a vision, and a plan.

THAT’s what Mark and Jody are doing with their Retirement Transformed 7-Day Challenge. This challenge is for anyone in ANY phase of life, whether years away from retirement, nearing retirement, recently retired, or living in retirement for a while now. It’s 7 Days of challenging yourself to stop and evaluate your life and where it’s headed and motivate you to make some changes where you feel you need to change the course of your future. It’s 7 Days, it’s FREE, it’s being offered to our E List subscribers only, and it starts on September 27th. And to be clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with financial planning. It focuses on everything else!

Challenges are always more fun when doing them together, and I’m going to join in!

Each of the 7 days will start with a morning video to prep you for the day ahead. Worksheets for the activities are provided, and nightly check-in videos will keep you accountable and motivated.

The goal of the challenge is to shift away from a traditional mindset of “retirement” and open your mind to the excitement and possibility of what lies ahead. A next phase of life filled with purpose, passion, and clarity. A phase where ANYTHING is possible.

Click here for more information and to register for the challenge.

Grab your partner, spouse, or friends. Tell anyone you know who will benefit from this challenge. It will be exciting to see how we end up thinking and feeling about our life and our future!

Join me for a Facebook Live on Thursday, September 30th at 12pm with Mark and Jody Rollins (founders of Retirement Transformed). We’ll discuss the challenge so far, answer any questions you have, and share experiences.

Retirement Transformed is a community of individuals transforming what it means to be retired and forging a new path. You can follow them on their Facebook Group or onYouTube.