Science and Sprinkles: FroYo World’s Nitro Lab


Einstein would be proud! Who would have thought to take a mixing bowl, combine liquid nitrogen and liquid ice cream, mix, fold, add more nitrogen, mix and fold, add more nitrogen, repeat for 10 minutes and – BOOM! Result: remarkably smooth, dense, and silky ice cream with a chill that makes a brain freeze seem quaint. The science behind the extreme creaminess has something to do with the process of extracting air bubbles. Who knew?

FroYo’s yogurt flavors outnumber Nitro Lab’s homemade ice creams, but a larger selection would not have changed my excellent picks; Chocolate and Cookies & Cream sprinkled with crunchy coconut. A side of warm waffle is the way to go (pictured below), but unfortunately, they were out of them. Note to self; go back, get waffle!

The experience did live up to the hype; would I do it again? Sort of like parasailing – it’s not an everyday thing, but what a treat! And you can’t miss it – it’s right off Chapel on High Street.    46 High Street, New Haven