Spark Makerspace, New London


I’m a fan of Project Runway, love to bake up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and I even drag out the paints every now and then. That’s pretty much the extent of my creative arts. But if I had dreams of whipping up a boatload of coconut rum balls and selling them at my local farmers’ market, I’d buy a $55 monthly membership and access to the commercial kitchen at Spark Makerspace, a new co-working center in New London. As their tagline says, they are “making things happen” for anyone who doesn’t have the room or can’t afford the equipment needed to pursue their dreams.

The space is not only sparking ideas but also rallying the community. For the wood shop, $50,000 worth of heavy equipment (think industrial table saw and radial arm saw) was donated. While I’d fear cutting my arm off using these tools, working members are on hand to teach people like me who need a little extra support (and courage!). Monthly dues are less for these lucky folks with a talent and time to oversee a space or run a class.

Downstairs find a robotics lab, while upstairs houses everything an artist could want: paints, brushes, jewelry making paraphernalia, screen-printing equipment, and fabrics. Down the street is a retail and co-working space. With its bright-colored walls, long white tables, ergonomic office chairs and cozy couch, this is where I see myself writing the day away (in between building my very own robot, of course!).

Spark Makerspace
225 State St, Ste 100 in New London


by Jen Carmichael
spark makerspace