Sparkling Minis & A Holiday Cocktail


Gluten-free vodka, local shrubs, and a few cans of bubbles are all you need for fun and festive holiday drinks…

I discovered Keel Vodka at a fancy dinner at the Ocean House, and loved that it was not only somewhat local, but light! This gluten-free spirit is made in Newport, Rhode Island and has a scant 58 calories per 1.5 ounces. Less alcohol, too, but this time of year we think that’s a very good thing! We served it up with a tablespoon or two of Deep River Pomegranate Shrub (an old-fashioned vinegar based mixer) and topped it off with some seltzer for a fresh holiday cocktail.

Holiday Cocktail Recipe

Keel Gluten Free Vodka:  1.5 oz

Deep River Pomegranate Shrub:  1 to 2 tablespoons


Note: Find Keel Vodka at Shore Discount Liquors in Deep River, or check here for other outlets. 


Sparkling Minis

We’ve long been fans of Francis Ford Coppola’s 4 pack of Blanc de Blancs cans, especially this time of year as they make for a fun hostess gift. Named for his daughter, Sofia, these minis come with a straw in a jewel-shaped box. Nowadays, it seems everybody’s jumping on the can-wagon and offering 4-packs in delightful packaging. We’ve stocked up on bunches for parties this season and had fun sampling along the way. Here are our picks:

Sofia Blanc de Blanc

Bollicini Sparking Cuvee

Pamp Fizz (mostly because we cannot get enough of the packaging)

Essentially Geared Rose

Pampellone French 75

cans sparkling

wine cans