Summer Is Not Over Yet!

Summer is not  over yet! Even though it’s officially “back to school season”, I’m clinging desperately to a few more weeks of summer, despite jaunts to Staples and Target. I had but one teeny goal this summer, which I ignored until yesterday. Bake a pie. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you probably know that I love to cook, but baking is just not my thing. All that persnickety measuring gives me anxiety. I can toss together a simple fruit crisp (find my favorite recipe here), but I have an irrational fear of crust. Everyone loves pie, especially my husband. So, for his birthday, I figured I’d make him one. It took longer than expected; I had to run to the market midstream for sugar, and getting crust into pie plate was worrisome, BUT it came out surprisingly perfect. He loved it. Happy birthday, Joe.  Here’s the recipe. 






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